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Jan van Eden

"All your armies"

Art Singel 100-Amsterdam

Exhibition at Art Singel 100 - 21st October 2017




177002 All your armies,2017, Olmec Photo Paper 67R24 matt,59 x 78,67 cm resolution 150 pixels/inch

Graffitti found in the Bilderdijkstraat, Amsterdam in the year 2009 (author unknown). Text by the Palestinian poet Qasem-Qasem referring to the Intifada.




073407 Intifada, 2007, Oil and acrylic on cotton,40x48,5x5 cm,
Subject of the poem, not in exhibition




173401 Tears,2017, Oil on cotton,50x40 cm




163410 Hiroshima mon amour 2016, Oil on cotton,tryptich 40x97x5cm




172202 Hiroshima mon amour, the mushroom cloud 2017, Oil on cotton,240x180 cm




172501 On the way to the top,2017, Oil, charcoal and pastel crayon on cotton,120x150 cm




172201 De baadster van Rembrandt van Rijn gezien in het Rijks Museum,2017, Oil and pastel crayon on cotton,180x120 cm




085010 Border at Melilla 1, 2008, Ink on paper,65x50 cm




085011 Border at Melilla 2, 2008, Ink on paper,65x50 cm




085012 Border at Melilla 3, 2008, Ink on paper,65x50 cm, , 500




085019 African woman, portrait, 2008, Ink on paper,50x32 cm




177003 Vigilance (by camera) at the Sala Luzan (Zaragoza), 2017, Archival OLM67R24, 230 g/sq m,58x 77,33 cm resolution 150 pixels/inch








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