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24/12/2016 t/m   15/01/2017

Salon - Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam






Tribute to Alain Renais and recalling the general protest of artists and intelectuals against nuclear weapons in the 50ties and 60ties.


CNN_4 November 2016

At the United Nations last week, 123 nations voted to begin negotiations next year on a new treaty to prohibit the possession of nuclear weapons. Despite President Obama's inspiring 2009 pledge to seek the security of a world free of nuclear weapons, the US voted "no" and led the opposition to this treaty.Instead, the administration has proposed spending some $1 trillion over the next 30 years to modernize every aspect of the nuclear arsenal, and made it clear that they want the US to maintain nuclear weapons for the foreseeable future.




163409 Hiroshima mon amour, infirmičre, 2016, Oil on cotton, 40x30x5 cm

163410 Hiroshima mon amour, the mushroom cloud, 2016, Oil on cotton, 40x30x5 cm

163411 Hiroshima mon amour, les amoureux, 2016, Oil on cotton, 40x30x5 cm














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