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Jan van Eden


Participation in the exhibition "Dutch Scenes"

14th May - 15th June 2012 - NY


Salmagundi Club New York  -  participation in the exhibition " Dutch Scenes"




Jan van Eden -

'Lighting a cigarette', 2011 and 'La sensibilidad es subversiva', 2011




Salmagundi - NY

About The Salmagundi Club

Founded in 1871, the Salmagundi Club is one of the oldest art organizations in the United States. Housed in an historic brownstone mansion in Greenwich Village, New York City, the Club offers programs including art classes, exhibitions, and art auctions throughout the year for members and the general public.




Salmagundi Club New York
Forty-Seven Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10003




Salmagundi Club New York-Exhibition space




La sensibilidad es subversiva, 2011
Oil on cotton, 40x49x5 cm
Salon Arti, Amsterdam, 2011 and Salmagundi, NY, 2012
center panel of triptych

Reference: 113407




Ana Karina watching “Le Passion de  Jeanne D'Arc", 2011
Oil on cotton, 40x30x5 cm
Exhibition: Salon Arti, Amsterdam, 201
Note: right panel of triptych

Reference: 113408




A vivir, que son dos dias, 2011
Oil on cotton, 30x40x5 cm

Salon Arti, Amsterdam, 2012 and
NY 2012

Reference: 113409




Lighting a cigarette, 2011,
Oil and acrylic on cotton, 30x30x5 cm
Exhibition: NY 2012

Reference: 113403






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